Alexandra lost 60 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Alexandra lost 60 pounds. She was tired of yo-yo dieting, self-sabotage, and depression. One day, she stepped on a scale, and the number she saw triggered her to take action. She switched up her eating habits and taught herself how to workout effectively.

Alexandra before and after

I’ve never had the opportunity to write about the struggles that led to my success with weight loss. I can’t even vividly remember how I gained all the weight, but I do remember being in a very dark place.
I hated the person I saw in the mirror. I would cry and self-sabotage. My confidence level was very low. I struggled for 2-3 years.

I hired a personal trainer. On my first day with him at the gym (which was supposed to be a private session) ended up being a group session. During my first workout ever, I threw up in front of all these people. I wondered what they were doing at the gym based on how fit and #bodygoals they looked. The embarrassment I felt that day, sent me running back into my shell.

I hated social functions or any reason at all to be out. I felt like I was hiding from the world. I never could get past losing 10 pounds. I would tell myself, “It’s my genes.” and I would forever be big.

I had tried it all; teas, shakes, green coffee bean, fat burner pills, waist trainers, chewing a “carrot a day,” etc. Nothing seemed to be working. I was on that verge of completely giving up in a deep state of depression.

I feared what I might do until one day in February 2018 when I visited a friend. I stepped on a scale, and I hadn’t stepped on one in months. The number it showed me (202.8lbs) triggered a deep level of anger in me. I got motivated to be my own body goals and stop the excuses.

I after I left, I immediately went to the gym. When I got there, I broke down and started crying again, intimidated by the big machines I saw that I couldn’t use. I couldn’t even do a push-up. I thought, “I will fall flat on my face.” However, I remember getting up and talking to myself in the mirror. I know the people at the gym probably thought I was crazy. I told myself how I was going to do this and how I would fix my life. Being completely clueless and ignorant, I just knew that the heavy weight in my heart needed to go away. I was determined to see it through.

When I got home, I threw out everything and went grocery shopping for all the veggies and fruits. I started eating a low carb diet and maintaining a daily calorie deficit. I ate a lot of eggs, chicken, broccoli, etc. That’s how I started.

I would go to the gym by myself very early in the morning before anyone could see me. I would try learning how to work out and did mostly cardio (the elliptical). That’s all I did for months, Monday – Friday, with a little bit of strength training from what I taught myself. My workouts evolved into strength training and HIIT cardio, which is what I do now.

Fast forward: Today, I am self-trained. I’ve never had a personal trainer again after my first encounter with one in 2016. I took my weight loss journey seriously, starting in May 2018. By January 2019, I had lost 50 pounds. (Roughly eight months). I have lost a total of 60+pounds. My current weight is 142.6 pounds, and my body fat is 14.5%. My height is 5’3″. (I never had any surgeries or any procedures.)

Alexandra before and after

I strongly recommend strength training during your weight loss journey cause it helped me tone my body, and I never experienced any loose skin.

I have found a zeal in wanting to help others like me, which prompted me to take a course, and now I’m a Certified Fitness Coach. I want to inspire and help people who have struggled like I did to be successful. Through my experience, I have learned that you can be anything you set your mind to. I strongly advise people to be “consistent” through the pain and the bad days. No matter what, stick with the process.

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