Best Superfoods For Weight Loss

Hey guys today, I wanted to talk about superfood, specifically the best superfoods for weight loss and actually kind of my favorite superfoods in general, but I would have stuck a few different things on this list of his best superfoods for muscle building.

So I guess it was specifically best superfoods for weight loss, but in general they’re, very good superfoods. Now, if you’ve been watching my videos for a while, you might be like Marius, I’ll hold up.

Why are you promoting superfoods for weight loss? That is very unlike you. Well, don’t worry don’t worry, the video will explain itself and here’s. The thing the term superfood does not define any food group.

It was developed purely as a marketing strategy. A company can label literally anything. They want. As a superfood Doritos can slap superfood on the package if they wanted to. In general, the term superfood is used to describe foods that are particularly nutrient-dense, have special properties or have like supreme health benefits.

But again there is no existing definition or criteria for this and, frankly, no one food is a Carroll. No.1 superfood is going to drastically change your life, and the marketing around superfoods has kind of skewed our collective ability to be able to see what’s actually important in our nutrition.

So what I decided to do is make a list of Merissa approved. Superfoods specifically for fat loss, but leave a comment down below. If you want me to make a list of superfoods specifically for muscle building or any other goal that you might have.

The great news is that this list has no gimmicks: no marketing, no fake news, no expensive packaged foods. I’m, not gonna try to sell you anything with this video. Well, okay, I take that back. I’m, not gonna.

Try to sell you any superfoods with this video, but I did want to give you a super quick reminder. Like gentle reminder that I do have merch available, I came out with virtue a while ago. I like never talked about it.

I don’t want to be like that. Merch girl, that’s like always pushing and work, but I did just wan na you know, bring it back to your attention that it doesn’t exist because I got a lot of requests for it, which is why I finally decided To do it, we have t-shirts, we have tank tops, we have other tank tops.

We have long sleeve t-shirts, we got fit, nerdy design, the brands and games design. Everything is so comfortable. I hand-picked everything that I wanted to be in it. So yeah just a reminder. It’s, their only get down in the description, if you want to check it out, if not, that’s fine, but going back to superfoods and fat loss.

There are three things in your diet that you want to optimize when you are trying to actively lose fat, and this is nutrient density. Protein intake and fat intake high volume, nutrient-dense foods are going to take up just a lot of physical space in your stomach and thus reduce the secretion of myrrh Ellyn, which is the hunger hormone that gets secreted when your stomach is physically empty and drives you to Want to eat more, so reducing ghrelin reduces the feelings of hunger.

Nutrient-Dense foods are also obviously packed with micronutrients. When you cut calories, you’re, not just cutting calories. You’re, cutting available nutrition and thus micronutrients and so the more calories you cut, the fewer micronutrients you can get into your diet and the lower your intake of micronutrients is the more your body’s, going to drive you to get More foods to get in those key micronutrients that you need.

So if you can keep your micronutrients high, even with lower calories, you’re gonna have a much easier time, not having a ton of cravings and not feeling like your body, is constantly driving you to eat or as if you were lowering calories And on top of that, we’re eating foods that were not very nutrient-dense.

Your body’s, gonna be like okay, something’s wrong. We need to get into micronutrients that we need to survive. Therefore, we need to eat everything in existence, and protein is honestly kind of the star of the show when it comes to weight loss.

Having a high enough protein intake will increase the tidy, as well as improve body composition when in a calorie deficit. Burdine is, without a doubt the most satiating macronutrient. It will keep you fullest the longest.

There was a 2011 study done where they took groups with restricted calorie intake and the group with higher protein reported greater satiety throughout the day and a lower desire to snack at night. A 2008 study showed that in individuals trying to lose weight, those with a higher protein intake reported greater weight loss as well as easier weight maintenance once they had reached their goal and then adequate protein intake is also key in making sure you maintain your muscle, while Losing fat, so you actually end up with a lower body fat percentage rather than just a lower weight.

If you don’t have adequate protein intake, you will lose a muscle along with fat and may actually end up with a higher body fat percentage at your lower weight. So you may weigh less on the scale, but you will look like you: may have gained a little bit of fat and then, when it comes to fat, a higher fat intake is going to help reduce those crazy spikes.

In appetite that you get when you’re trying to lose fat as well as cravings that you get now, obviously there has to be paired with a lower calorie diets. If you just increase fat from your current calorie intake, you’ll, be in a surplus that doesn’t work, but I hire a higher fat.

Two calorie ratio. Let’s, put it that way. Now. Let me just be very clear: I am NOT demonizing carbs it’s, just that for weight loss. Most people have better success, which is a higher fat, lower ish, carb diet.

Unless, of course, you’re training really intensely like five to six days a week, be more carbs are going to be very, very helpful, carbs, especially simple, carbs spike your blood sugar, and then it leads to a huge blood sugar crash which is going To trigger your body to crave all of the food, basically because it wants to keep your blood sugar levels up and when it crashes your body’s like what the heck is going on, this can’t happen.

We need more carbs to keep it up. You’re, been like chillin, you’re like I want a cookie, a cookie sounds good, see you eat the cookie and then a little while later you want like ten more cookies. This is part of the reason why fats, however, do not have this same spike in blood sugar and resulting a crash.

They are much more stable when it comes to blood sugar, so it’s, not going to trigger your appetite and cravings as much so with that being said, let’s, get into Marissa’s, top 5 superfoods to support Healthy fat loss number one is vegetables, particularly leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables.

Leafy greens include things like kale, spinach, collards, Swiss chards and a few others, and this is what’s really gonna help. You maximize the volume of your meals to help suppress ghrelin, as we talked about.

They’re very low in calories and also packed with fiber, which is gonna. Add a lot of the bulk to your meals and they’re. Also highly nutrient dense again we talked about nutrient density and how important it is.

Leafy greens are loaded with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and a whole lot of good things for your body, and then cruciferous vegetables include things like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts.

I have been loving Brussels sprouts lately. They’re, so good, especially a little like olive oil, oof kind of hungry. I should eat food. I like Brussels sprouts, like leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables are incredibly high in fiber.

So again they’re. Gon na add that bulk to keep you full, but they also are a little bit higher in protein. Obviously they’re, not like a protein source, but compared to other vegetable. They have a decent amount of protein.

They’re. Also again, very very nutrient dense anti-inflammatory, so this combination of protein fiber and nutrient density makes them so good to add into your diet. If you’re actively trying to lose fat or honestly, this is, I got a superfood that would just make it on to Marissa’s, general superfood recommendation list that everyone should consume no matter what their goals are.

Superfood number two is meat, preferably really well sourced meat. If you get it from the farmers market, grass-fed pasture raised harmon antibiotic-free, humanely raised regenerative farming practices would be ideal but like if you can’t afford that.

That is fine. As we discussed. Protein is incredibly satiating if you are actively trying to lose weight. I recommend getting in between about 0.7 to one gram of protein per pound of lean body mass, and you can estimate your lean body mass as basically your goal weight that’s.

A really quick, easy way to do it for losing weight specifically lean meats are going to potentially be a little bit more helpful because they pack all the punch of the protein, but they tend to be a lot less calorie dense because I have a lot less Fat in them, however, it’s worth noting that it tends to be that the fattier cuts of meat like red meat is a lot more nutrient dense like you can live off of steak.

You cannot live off of chin, so while chicken is going to be a lot lower calorie, the steak is going to give you a lot more of the micronutrients, so might be best to get a balance of both in your diet, meat, especially red meat, as opposed To like protein powder is incredibly nutrient dense, you can literally get almost every single vitamin mineral you need just from eating.

Like a my sake for most people, meat is also going to have a much higher bioavailability of those micronutrients than plant sources. So that means, if you eat the steak, you’re, going to get a lot more of those vitamins and minerals than you.

If you were to eat the like equivalent in plant form, obviously not saying like you, shouldn’t eat plants. I just want to highlight the nutritional value of steak and then, since I mentioned protein powder, I definitely recommend meat as a source of protein over protein powder protein powder, isn’t going to come with all of those extra vitamins and minerals it’s literally just like pure protein.

Protein powder is also gonna, be a lot less satiating because you’re drinking it in liquid form. It’s already, like half digested for you. So what I recommend for protein powders? Is you can use them supplementally on days where you’re, actually struggling to get enough protein from whole food sources so like? If you’re traveling or if something comes up in your schedule, you’re just really busy and you’re like okay, I ‘

Ve, barely eaten any meat today or any other protein sources. Maybe I should get some extra protein, then that’s, a good time to use a protein powder. But if you’re, having like two protein shakes a day, you need to fix something.

Next, up for superfood number three we have eggs. Eggs are literally nature’s. Multivitamin, like meat eggs, contain almost all of the micronutrients that your body needs to survive, and most of these vitamins and minerals are actually stored in the yolk.

So a lot of people when they try to lose weight, will cut out the yolk and just have the egg whites or get like a carton of egg whites and just use that. But I really recommend leaving the yolk in there because you’re.

Gon na get a lot more micronutrients, which again is going to help your body get what it needs to do to like function and live. So you’re, not craving a ton of extra foods, because you’re, cutting out all your micronutrients and it’s.

Also going to get you a really great source of fat, which is good. It’s. Going to give you energy to keep you full and satiated throughout the day and adding new yolk doesn’t. Add that many more calories like eggs are already pretty low calorie food, especially given the nutrient density and satiety that they provide.

Basically, if you’re trying to maximize nutrient density and satiety whole eggs are your friend, they are literally my favorite food to eat. When I am actively trying to lose weight, a they make me feel really good.

They’re, a great post-workout meal. What I love to do is train first thing in the morning, come home and make a giant omelet full of a ton of veggie eggs, and Oh best thing ever keeps me. It’s, so full for hours keeps my mind completely off of food, because my body has everything that I could ever want.

It’s, just eggs are great and this is starting to become more common knowledge now, but just for those of you who don’t, you know keep up to date on nutrition science cuz it’s, not your cup Of tea and that’s totally fine, the cholesterol in eggs is not really a cause for concern.

A lot of people were concerned about that a few years ago, but a lot of studies have shown that dietary cholesterol does not negatively impact blood levels of cholesterol, and this is because the body is very good at regulating its own levels of cholesterol.

So if you eat more, it reduces its own production of it so that it stays stable next up, but for superfood number four, we have my favorite delicious source of fat venez, making Millennials unable to buy homes avocados.

Maybe that’s. Why? I’m struggling to find a place to move to because they eat much. Avocado toast avocados are a superfood not only because of their amazing delicious fat content, but also because they are chock full of so many different vitamins and minerals am, for example, vitamin K, folate, vitamin C potassium vitamin E niacin, riboflavin compromise, iam, manganese antioxidants and more, but Not only are they incredibly nutrient dense avocados are a great combo being low carb, high fat and high fibers.

They will keep you very safe shaded and give you sustained energy, rather than it, causing a spike and crash in blood sugar. Now, as a high-fat, food avocados are not low in calories, so you might think but Marissa.

If I’m trying to cut calories, why am I gonna waste it on avvocato? Well, there are studies to show the amazing power of avocado when it comes to fat loss. For example, there is a 2013 randomized crossover study that looked at how adding some avocado to a meal could impact the appetite of obese or overweight individuals.

People who ain’t half an avocado with their lunch, experienced a decrease in appetite for up to 5 hours after that meal, and they also reported feeling 23 % more satiated when they added avocado versus when they did it.

So yes, fat is your friend. Avocados are your friend and ideally you have a friend or neighbor who has no cautery, so you can get free, avocados like I used to, but then I moved so now I don’t have free avocados anymore, and it makes me very sad moving On to super food number, five, if you’ve, been watching my videos for a while, you ‘

Ll know that one of the biggest takeaways I want you to get from my channel is that health should be your priority and the healthier you are the easier is to lose fat, build muscle, chief whatever it is that you want to achieve so, focusing on health.

First will make reaching your goals so much easier and that’s. Why? I recommend that if you’re, not healthy, you should focus on getting healthy before you try to change your aesthetic, and that is why I’m included.

Superfood number five on this list fermented foods. This includes foods like my favorite kombucha, yogurt, kimchi sauerkraut. Anything fermented, obviously, because it’s fermented foods. The process of fermenting foods creates healthy, probiotic bacteria, which can improve the health of your gut and having a healthy gut can reduce inflammation, and if your body is chronically inflamed, your body’s, main focus is going to be reducing inflammation rather than helping.

You lose weight, build muscle, etc. I mean healthy gut can also strengthen your immune system if you are constantly getting sick. Obviously it’s. Gon na be really hard to achieve any sort of aesthetic goals.

It can also improve your energy, the more energy you have, the more calories you’re, going to just expand throughout the day. Naturally, you’re. Also gonna be able to smash your workouts a lot harder make a lot more progress in the gym.

So, overall, you know having healthy get to have more energy is really useful, and there are so many more ways in which improving the health of your gut will improve your overall health, how you physically feel, and thus how easy it is to achieve your aesthetic goals.

So, including fermented foods in your diet is one great way to work on the health of your gut, also just eating generally. A healthy diet is probably the best thing you can do, but if you’re already doing that, adding some fermented foods can definitely kick it up a notch and then more research is definitely needed in this area.

But there are some studies to indicate that certain strains of healthy bacteria actually make weight, loss easier and specifically targets the belly fat, but not enough to draw any definitive conclusions.

So hopefully, in next few years we’ll, see some more cool research on this. So in short, the Marissa approved list of super foods for weight loss include cruciferous and the leafy vegetables, meat, eggs, avocado and fermented foods.

If there are any other foods that you love to include into your diet, if you are trying to be in a calorie deficit, please leave them down in the comments below we can help you choke out the meantime and don’t forget to check Out my merch, if you are interested, also link down below, if you’d, like this video, please give a thumbs up cuz it really to support me my channel, and it really genuinely appreciate it.

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