12 Products So Cool, You'll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without Them

With so many new products and gadgets coming to market every day, it's no wonder you have not heard anything about them. We have decided to put together an up-to-date list of 12 different US products that are now available to be shipped to most places worldwide. You can add them to your own wish list or as gifts for your loved ones! If you would like more information about the products or to buy them, just click on the links in the article. These fantastic products come with a  guarantee and will impress you and your friends. So, check them out!


PicoBuds Pro

Are you struggling to hear clearly in loud environments? Or maybe just to catch the odd word in a quiet conversation? Most people feel embarrassment about hearing loss, however it’s far more common than you think.

A team of German engineers have designed and launched an impressive hearing aid called the PicoBuds Pro. This tiny device is delivering technologies like crystal clear sound, invisible design and huge battery life.


ReliefMate Pro

If you are experiencing swollen legs, a stiff neck, crippling back pain, or tender muscles? In just 15 minutes a day, you can get long-lasting pain relief.

ReliefMate Pro utilizes advanced technology to provide targeted muscle stimulation, helping to relieve pain and soreness, and enhance muscle recovery. It is a portable device that can be easily carried around, making it ideal for use at home, in the gym, or even at the office.


GermsPurge Pro

For those looking to take their oral hygiene routine to the next level, toothbrush sterilizers are a great option. Toothbrush sterilizers provide an extra layer of protection against harmful germs that can build up on our toothbrushes over time.

GermsPurge Pro is revolutionizing the way people clean and care for their toothbrushes with its cutting-edge sterilization technology. It helps to protect your toothbrush from germs and bacteria without any hassles. It is able to harness the power of UV light to kill 99 percent of germs and bacteria on your toothbrush, giving you peace of mind when it comes to oral health.


Vibes XWatch

Since the introduction of smartwatch technology, practically everyone seems to be wearing one to keep track of everything from their heart rate and the number of steps they take in a day, to more serious aspects like their blood pressure, sleep quality, and their blood oxygen levels, especially since the specter of COVID-19 hit.

The Vibes XWatch is an IP67 smartwatch that offers numerous functions – possibly more than most conventional smartwatch models currently available. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth, it does more than just tell the time as it allows users to receive and answer calls, listen to and store music, monitor their health variables, and even take photos and videos. 



You may have been suffering from acute back pain mostly in the lower lumbar area (abdominal region of the torso). This may have been as a result of an accident, an array of diseases, or when the two spinal nerves that are the nerve root and the spinal nerve, present in the region are under pressure.

LumbarCorrect offers instant relief from lumbar or spinal pain. It provides gentle vertical spinal decompression and can be worn discreetly under clothing.


BiT Watch

Are you tired of wearing both a fitness tracker and your watch simultaneously? Also, do you feel frustrated every time you need to check your phone for message alerts?

BiT Watch is one of the latest and highly functional smartwatches that is ruling the market with its outstanding features and very fashionable design. The BiT Watch is IP67-certified waterproof. Along with all the latest smartwatch features, it comes with health and sports functions. With health function, you can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and the level of oxygen in the blood.


SmartRelief Pro

Everyone loves a neck massage, but most times it is not convenient to visit physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other massage therapists. When we experience neck stiffness and pain, it is usually caused by increased neck activity, constant strain, or poor posture.

Smart Relief Pro is a smart electrotherapy device that gives one instant relief from neck pain and also helps to relax those highly strained neck muscles which cause cramps and uneasiness.


VapeSan Pro

There are an estimated 1500 different types of germs living on a square centimeter of your hands. This means that each time you touch your mouth, you transfer the germs into your system. Most of these germs are bacteria, viruses, and molds- a type of fungi. Some are harmless and some not.

VapeSan Pro motion activated hands sanitizer is a new-age product, which makes hand sanitizing even more hygienic. It has a zero-touch usage method and, hence, successfully reduces the transmission of germs while using sanitizer. VapeSan Pro manufacturing company produces it in an FDA approved facility, following all health, hygiene, and safety standards.



Are you suffering from back pains and discomfort. This discomfort may be caused by bad posture when in a seated position.

CorrectBack allows you to effortlessly sit in perfect posture, easing back pain—and helping prevent it. Lightweight and portable, it makes every chair ergonomic. Wearing it for just 15 minutes a day can retrain your body’s default posture.



You no longer have to settle for bulky, overpriced air-coolers, that the big manufacturers have been price hiking, even in light of a looming recession. Rapidly cool any room without using a costly ac.

CoolEdge portable ac coolers are lightweight and portable for travel. It's small and portable so it can be carried anywhere. This device is ideal for everyday use due to its powerful cooling. It features the most recent technology and delivers excellent performance at all times.


SkinBeautify Pro

Cosmetic companies sell all kinds of creams to apply to your face for anti-aging and wrinkle reduction purposes. You will not see satisfactory results without proper massaging techniques and the right kind of skincare cream. Absorption of these solutions into your skin is the only way to get any results. When blood doesn't flow too well, it tends to cause breakouts, lines on your face, and other undesirable marks.

SkinBeautify Pro is a combination of blood circulation science and impeccable engineering. It is an aging lines reducer that deploys natural heat and vibrations to get the blood flowing and cause creams to absorb faster into the skin, so it doesn’t just sit on the surface doing nothing.


LiveGuard 360

Instantly overhaul your protection with a breakthrough in home security. Reduce attempted thefts. Ward off trespassers and protect what you own.

LiveGuard 360 is your second set of eyes. Always on, giving you the peace of mind you deserve in an affordable solution.  This high resolution camera lightbulb hybrid can screw into any standard lightbulb socket and links directly to your home WiFi to provide a video feed to your Apple or Android smartphone.


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