How to Cleanse Your Liver | Dr. Josh Axe

Hey, guys. Dr. Axe here, Doctor of Functional
Medicine and founder of DrAxe. com. Today Iwanted to talk about how to cleanse your liver
and the top ways to detox your liver. Yourliver is your second largest organ, and it
is so important for detoxification, for cleansing,for your overall health. So I’m going to go
over my five top ways that you can detox yourliver on a regular basis. And number one is start by removing all the
toxic stuff in your diet. Listen, you cantake all the pills, all the supplements, all
the potions. And you know what? They willnot do any good until you start getting the
junk out of your diet. So step number onein doing a liver cleanse is to remove the
processed grains and sugars and fast foodsand packaged foods. Get rid of it all and
just eat real food. Fruit it in its wholeform, vegetables in its whole form, organic
grass-fed meats, sprouted whole ancient grains,stick with those types of foods if you want
to naturally cleanse your liver, and stayaway from packaged, processed foods, especially
conventional meat and dairy. Conventional meat and dairy are loaded with
pesticides, herbicides, GMO residue, antibioticdrugs, steroids, hormones, other medication
residue. Those are all stuck in those meatproducts that you consume. So again, stop
consuming conventional meat and dairy is thenumber one step to detox your liver for good. Step number two is start consuming liver-detoxifying
herbs. There’s three specifically — milkthistle, turmeric, and dandelion. Now, milk
thistle is known as the king of detoxifyingherbs, and it’s been shown to specifically
boost an antioxidant in your body called glutathione,which helps detox your liver and your cells.
So milk thistle, again, the number one herb,typically 150 milligrams twice daily of milk
thistle will play a huge role in supportingliver detoxification. The second herb is turmeric. Turmeric has
been shown to be very high in antioxidantsthat helps both the liver and the gallbladder.
So turmeric, you typically want to do abouta tablespoon daily in your food or supplementing
with two capsules daily of about 1000 milligrams. That’s also going to help. The other great
thing about turmeric is it reduces liver inflammation. So it reduces inflammation of your GI tract,
so your colon as well as of your liver. Soagain, 1000 milligrams of turmeric daily,
great for reducing liver inflammation andcleansing the liver. The third herb is dandelion. Dandelion is
packed with potassium and other herbal compoundsthat have been shown to act as a diuretic
and causing your liver to release toxins andalso support the gallbladder in releasing
bile. That’s really what’s going to causethat liver to dump the toxins. So there’s a great benefit of taking milk
thistle, turmeric, and dandelion in a combinationin a cell detox or a liver detox supplement.
But again, those three herbal extracts arethe most effective herbs at naturally detoxifying
the liver. Not to say there’s not others,like bupleurum and a few others that are great
for the liver. But those are some of my favorites. The third thing you need to do to detox your
liver is to work on your body emotionallyand detox your emotions. According to ancient
Chinese medicine, the emotions you experiencedirectly affect certain organs. When it comes
to your liver and cleansing your liver, thereare specific emotions of number one would
be frustration. The other one is resentment,unforgiveness, and anger. Those are the four
emotions that directly affect your liver. So if you know you struggle with frustration,
if you tend to get frustrated easily, if youhave anyone in your life, including your spouse
or coworkers that you tend to have resentmenttowards them, know that you’re not hurting
them, you’re hurting yourself. You’re hurtingyour liver. Those toxic emotions are literally
shutting down your liver and your body, creatingdisease in your system. And what I’d recommend you to do is get out
a sheet of paper, write down all the peopleyou haven’t forgiven, all the people you feel
any ounce of resentment towards, your parents,spouses, coworkers, and really work to absolutely
forgive and forget. I also just recommendas you do that, you may want to work with
a counselor on this. You may want to workwith a dear friend that’s close to you. But listen, those toxic emotions aren’t hurting
them, they are hurting you. So you reallywant to make sure that you work on healing
and detoxing those emotions. Another greatway to do that is practice gratitude. One
of the things I do every morning is I getup and say what I’m grateful for. But practicing
gratitude, forgiveness, building joy intoyour life, reading personal growth books,
reading your Bible and reading scripture andmemorizing verses, those types of things really
will help you become free. But listen, don’t keep it inside. You really
have to talk and work with somebody on thisas well. So again, a best friend, a counselor,
a church, those things can all help. But again,if you truly want to detox your entire system
and liver, you’ve got to work on that emotionalaspect as well. Step number four, eat real liver. That’s right.
I’m telling you to eat liver, like chickenliver or beef liver. In fact, ancient practitioners
or practitioners from the past 100 years reallyused liver supplementation to help overcome
liver toxicity and other diseases. If youlook at men like Weston A. Price, the famous
dentist who traveled the world and found whatreally caused disease, gum disease and liver
disease and disease in the body. He recommendedliver supplementation. Dr. Royal Lee, who
started the company Standard Process, recommendedraw liver supplementation and liver capsules
and had great results with patients. Dr. Gerson,who started Gerson therapy, recommended beef
liver in overcoming cancer. So you can seehere real liver is great. So what I do is I do a chicken liver. You
can make a chicken liver p�t�. I’ll doa chicken liver Crock-Pot, where I’ll do two-thirds
chicken, two pounds of chicken and maybe onepound of chicken liver I pick up at my farmer’s
market or health food store. Do that withcelery and onions and carrots and make it
into a big Crock-Pot. That’s another way todo it. Or hey, if you just can’t eat liver,
you can buy desiccated liver tablets online. Another easy way to do it is getting liver
in your diet. And then step number five for a natural liver
cleanse is consume foods that cleanse theliver and specifically think spring. Think
sprouts, salads, sour foods. In fact, sourfoods, according to ancient Chinese medicine,
are the foods that are most nourishing tothe liver. So think about this, again, a big
spinach salad with sprouts, maybe some tomatoes,some cucumber and then sprinkle a little bit
of olive oil. Then along with that, some apple cider vinegar.
Again, you’ve got the sourness, you’ve gotthe fresh sprouts. But again, apple cider
vinegar, sprouts, vegetables, vegetable juices,all of those foods are very cleansing to the
liver along with sour foods, including mostprobiotic-rich foods, things like kefir. Also,
sauerkraut, kimchi, beets, artichokes, dandeliongreens, all of those are fantastic for naturally
cleansing the liver. So guys, I hope you’ve learned a lot. This
has been my five tips for naturally cleansingand detoxifying the liver. Hey, if you’ve
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on natural ways to detox the liver.