See How to Get a Flat Stomach Fast!

You don’t get abs like this by sitting on your ass. The fastest way to get a flat stomach is to focus on building strong, lean muscle mass in your BIG muscle groups and throughout your entire core. Not just your abs.

Translation: crunches and cardio ain’t gonna cut it.

This killer core HIIT workout is great for ALL fitness levels, offering easy modifications and the intense, seriously solid burn that guarantees lean gains. But you’re going to have to sweat for it. BodyRock Trainer Lisa-Marie is right here with you, sweating alongside. All you need is 15 minutes, and just enough motivation to smash the first round. After that, you’ll be hooked.

You need: Sandbag, Step Riser, Weighted Vest. You can get the gear you see here in our store.

Load up with resistance, work at a high intensity and train consistently–that’s how to get a flat stomach fast.

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