Staying Fit At Home: No gym? No problem!

Take a dip

‘Dips’ are a really simple way of targeting a wide range of key body areas; if training triceps, deltoids, the chest and the upper back is what you’re after, this exercise should be your go-to. And what’s better, any ‘equipment’ you may need are all things you’ll easily find at home – whether it’s the side of a bed, a sofa or a chair, there’s no excuse not to try this out.

  • Simply stand in front of the chair, facing away from the seat.
  • Sit down and place your hands behind your hips, lifting your bottom off the seat and walking your feet forwards.
  • Then, slowly lower your body downwards, supporting your weight with your arms. Lift your body slowly upwards, still supporting yourself with your arms, and repeat this motion for 10-12 reps – rest and go again!


staying fit at home

Image from Top End Sports, who have a great guide to wall squats on their website here.

Feel the burn with a wall squat

Want to put your glutes through their paces, but short on time and equipment? A simple wall squat will test your endurance, and can be done in next to no time.

  • Stand with your back against a wall and place your feet out in front of you, about the width of two feet apart.
  • Slide down the wall by bending your knees until they are at a 90° angle.
  • Now, get ready to feel the burn – you’ll need to find the stamina and hold this position for one minute and repeat.

Not only does this simple exercise help shape and tone your posterior, but it also strengthens your quads and enhances thigh and hip flexibility – what’s not to love?