Stubborn Weight Loss? You NEED this HIIT Circuit for Fat Loss!

Even the most stubborn of fat won’t stick if you stick it out with BodyRock BRX! Hosted by BodyRock Trainer Lisa-Marie, this series is designed to help you take your fit goals to the next level. This means that if conventional training has failed to get you the results you want, BRX will be game changing.

This 45 minute class is a full body HIIT circuit for fat loss, featuring calorie scorching, muscle burning total body moves that will help you get more sculpted and stronger than ever.

You’ve got four, 5 minute rounds to smash out and one finisher circuit to make sure you leave it all on the line.

BRX is where excuses come to die. Press PLAY. See results with this HIIT circuit for fat loss. Train with us now!

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