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HOW TO BUILD LEAN MUSCLE MASS—The BEST Resistance Workout for Women! (part 1)

LADIES! You’re NOT going to get bulky, but resistance training WILL make you lean and fit. Join BodyRock Trainer Lisa-Marie for a muscle-building resistance workout for women that hones in on your major fat burning muscles—we’re talking LEGS and GLUTES! In this 45 minute class designed for intermediate to advanced fitness levels, you’re going to work your body in ways you never imagined—and, over time, you’re going to see results you never dreamt! Combining heavy weighted moves […]

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This move is going to help you shed fat and shred your midsection by creating more lean muscle mass throughout your core. The see-saw plank works your abs, back, shoulders, and even targets your saddlebags—all while getting your heart rate up for increased caloric burn. It’s not easy to do, but it IS easy to see why it’s one of the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat. TIPS: Keep your belly-button tucked into your spine and […]

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