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Kettlebell Back + Arms Workout | Trainer of the Month Club | Well+Good

Check out this back and arms workout that uses kettlebells to work your delts, triceps, and biceps like a pro! This week, trainer Roxie Jones, is teaching us how to … source

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Exercise After Abdominal Surgery

Whether it’s a c-section, appendectomy or something else, it can be tough to get back to exercise after you’ve had abdominal surgery. So for our latest … source

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Foods that helps to reduce weight | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Change your food, change your body. Making the right food choices is key to effective weight management. Watch this video for healthy tips to achieve your … source

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This is the best plank workout for a smaller waist and flat abs. These exercises will work your oblique muscles making your side abs pop! I will keep you … source

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Full Review Of The Cleaner | The Ultimate Body Detox

In this video, I share my experience and review of The Cleaner | The Ultimate Body Detox. After hearing for some time about gut health and the microbiome, … source

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