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Lipstick Contaminated with Lead? | NutritionFacts.org

Dozens of lipsticks and lip glosses are put to the test. “Over the past years, using cosmetic products has increased worldwide at an alarming rate due to unending pursuit for individual beautification…” There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that unless cosmetic products contain ingredients that may be linked to disease—ingredients such as toxic heavy metals like…

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Fight Aging with Brain-Healthy Foods

What is the best source of lutein, the primary carotenoid antioxidant in the brain? “An extensive [scientific] literature describes the positive impact of dietary phytochemicals [plant compounds] on overall health and longevity…However, it is now becoming clear that the consumption of diets rich in phytochemicals can influence neuro-inflammation”—that is, brain inflammation—“and mediate the activation of…

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